Creating and Improving Business Processes

Business Development, CRM, Sales, Marketing and Admin Mentor/Consultant


Here’s the professional bit:

With 20+ years experience in business, (yikes I’m showing my age!), winning many achievement awards for Sales and Business Development and having worked in a variety of industry sectors, (from Business Software Companies such as CRM, Payroll and Accounts to Business Start-ups through to Scientific Instrumentation Suppliers and a good few other market spaces in between) I have gleaned and gained extensive experience and knowledge in general, office, business development, sales & marketing management and mentorship.  Basically I help companies define, improve and execute business processes and strategies by offering focused and practical advice based on examining your company structures.  As a Business Consultant, I provide coaching, training and project management (eg: Business Development, Mentorship, CRM, ERP, BPM) or get stuck in with hands on services such as organising events, driving sales and marketing teams, build e-newsletters and social media releases…

CRM systems are a passion of mine. (If you’re not sure what CRM really can do for you, click here)  A business with a healthy CRM ethos will always (100%) be a successful, lucrative and awesome business!

A Summary of my core skills/services that help me to help you
(I love Jerry McGuire quotes)

  • CRM (more on that below)
  • Business Development and Improvement
  • Project Management on software implementations & BPM
  • Operations Management
  • Sales and Marketing (including cold calling, follow throughs, emailers, social media marketing etc etc)
  • Overall Business ‘Health Checks’
  • How to run successful: Customer Care and Support
  • How to run successful: Office, Admin and HR
  • Organising Events, Seminars etc
  • Accounts and Data Control (incl CRM and ERP, which intertwine with all of the above)
  • LEO Mentor

After exploration of your requirements (ie: ‘health check’) I may suggest that a team approach to improving your processes is advisory.  If that proves to be the case, I have US, UK and Ireland strategic based partners that we can tap into, if you so wish, thus building a strong support network to help your company grow.  All are top in their field, award winning and most importantly love what they do.  My partners can work Virtually or On-Site.  From Inside Sales Tactics, SEO, Social Media and Branding to Tech, Talent Management and Software guru’s, my lovely colleagues and I will help you optimise your processes and meet the goals we have agreed upon and outlined – promptly and professionally.

I am proud to provide an Independent Service and although I have many trusted partners, I am not affiliated with any, so you can be assured that I will provide you with a thoroughly unbiased and unique service, tailored specifically for you and dedicated to providing the best solutions essential to drive and develop your company.

Here’s the not so business-y bit:

I truly do love working in business, I get excited when I can strike off an action plan from my to-do list.  I am a diligent freak who loves working with people and helping to grow my clients’ businesses.  That’s it in a nut shell.  Many of your businesses began with a great idea, with passion, care, hard work, drive and creativity but often due to demanding workloads (because your business is a great one), many owners are ‘reacting’ to their business rather than driving and improving it.

Here is where I come in, I can help you to identify the sore points of the business as a whole and from there work to improve or create processes that grow with your business.

Controlling your business and it NOT controlling you!  (I know, I’ve mentioned that before 🙂 )

Thus propelling your business and equity to even greater achievements and success.

Want to know more?

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