Creating and Improving Business Processes

Business Process Optimisation, Development, CRM, Sales, Marketing & Admin Consultancy/Training


Creating and Improving Business Processes

Natalie Cooke Consulting is an award-winning Business Development, Process Improvement, Digital Transformation & Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Consultancy. Natalie Cooke, founder, is passionate about growing and developing businesses and her team offers companies focused, no nonsense practical advice, enabling clients to improve their bottom line.

Business process optimisation (Lean), development & CRM / ERP consultancy, feasibility studies, coaching, sales and marketing training, events and project/process management are all part of the portfolio of services we offer. In addition, Natalie Cooke Consulting is an approved provider of several mentorship programmes and training courses around Ireland.

As a Business Development, Process Optimisation & Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Consultancy, we are passionate about growing and improving companies. A well executed business strategy, Sales design program, CRM & Marketing processes along with full integration of Support, Administration and Accounting practices is what we help you to achieve in order to seamlessly take your business forward and propel it.

If you are suffering from ‘Business Block’, we can assist and inspire by working along with you to create, refine and improve your business and workflow processes. we work with you to increase returns by using dynamic, LEAN and sustainable forward planning solutions.

Controlling your business and it NOT controlling you is key. A high performance culture will happen once structures and processes are in place.

Natalie Garland-Cooke

Owner, Natalie Cooke Consulting

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